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An infrared camera allows a thermographer to measure and see thermal energy emitted from objects that the human eye cannot see. An infrared (IR) camera is a non contact measurement device that detects infrared energy and converts it to a thermal image. A thermographer can then use the thermal image to identify and diagnose a number of heat related issues depending on the application.



Thermography Applications


Poor electrical connections and faulty equipment create excess heat, an IR camera can identify these issues for repair before they lead to equipment failure or fire.



An IR camera can identify motor bearing & cooling issues, valve and exchanger blockages, process levels in tanks and much more.

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Identify missing insulation, plumbing leaks/issues, leaking roofs, locate in-floor heating systems, identify faults with in-floor heating systems and much more.



Monitor asphalt and concrete temperatures during pouring operations. Diagnose insulation breakdown in refractories, furnaces and kiln's.

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